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Learn, grow, and feel great about yourself whilst discovering Image-ability and my online learning space.

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Redesign your image. Realise your goals.

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This is how we help you transform to achieve your goals

SoGood2Wear offers courses, mentoring, personal consultations, membership and positive technology, driven by your current challenges and image ambitions.

Getting on your own transformation path you also save time, money and add value to the environment while becoming re-energised and inspired. Grow, from the inside out – beyond what you wear – as clothes are just part of the story.

Simply because there is so much more to style than meets the eye!

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I’m Daniela Florea. I believe how you dress and show up in all that you do helps close the gap between where you are now, and where you want to be. I set up SoGood2Wear to help women recognise their stage in life, and use their image and what they wear to write their next chapter, stylishly.

Learn to manage change

You’re experiencing change.

Perhaps it’s in your skin, hair or weight. Maybe it’s in your relationships, responsibilities, or work; even in your mindset, health or wellbeing. Or, it’s simply making you crave more simplicity, beauty, energy and fun.

Don’t just get help for a special occasion. Work with us to learn how to redesign your image and make every day remarkable.

Lead your own change successfully, with confidence and poise.

Learn how to reframe your image and style

This is the journey we are inviting you to join.


Our signature ‘Image-ability’ concept brings together the emotions and experiences of a woman’s life and expresses them in her appearance.

While what you wear is the most visible part of your image, your transformation also impacts on your communication and behaviour.

It’s nothing less than empowering to rediscover who you are, be what you want to be and do what you want to do.

We understand times of change are difficult.  But we’re here to help you through.

Why follow generic styling advice or personal shopper’s ideas when you can learn to curate your own ideal image?

Even better, Image-ability is effective whatever your background, age or lifestyle.

We tap into the core of your character to help you discover your personal style superpower and re-charge your image:  to simplify and inspire your everyday.


Join us and your will experience benefits from Day 1:


Come along on an uplifting and action-packed journey that ultimately equips you with clarity and knowledge to expertly manage your own image.

Smart win: learn how to discover and re-set your core style in alignment with your aesthetics, emotions and goals.

Growth & development

Mentoring is a smart relationship which comes with empathetic conversation, a structure and a community of like-minded women.

Lasting wins: learn how to manage change and optimise your decision-making when choosing what to wear.

Healthy Habits

Learn how to break old cycles and begin to adopt new mindful, playful and sustainable behaviours.

Consistent win: learn how to wear 80% of your wardrobe, rather than the 20%. Cut spending on new clothes and gift to charity regularly.

Most women conclude ‘I wish I’d done this sooner’.

Adapting to change is often rough: where to start, what to look for, who can help?

It’s not unusual for women to delay taking action for years and not ask for help. But re-designing their image works magic on their rediscovery, self-belief and mindful consumption.  So they begin breaking professional and personal ruts.

By the way, if you are asking the questions we think you are, don’t worry:  our approach works whatever your body proportions or colour palette.

Attract respect, admiration and affection and – most importantly – have more fun! Why wait? Don’t put your progress and happiness on hold.

Free Resource

Explore 5 thoughts for your image

A practical structure of what matters and why for the Image you wish to grow. Embraced by women just like you!

“Becoming a mother has changed my life; not getting enough sleep and adding more weight are the main changes. Although, quite daunting to start with, you helped me make that first step and then the next: I am thrilled at where I am now.”

“I am now better at breaking away from old fantasies and embrace this ageing body and its need to feel well dressed. It was a good dose of reassurance.”

“Image = what we stand for, what we dream about, what we love. It is a paradox that while getting dressed in the way that expresses us the most, we actually “undress and expose our essential nature” . . . but as gradually as we wish. It puts us in control.”

“I am now much clearer about how I interface with the world through my image.”

“Your programme and working with you was a breath of fresh air. I have learnt so much about myself that I now apply it every day. A really big ‘thank you!”

Gabi, manager

I have always been aware of the power of image but your programme and my reflections made me think about it more consciously. By putting what matters on paper, I am starting my forward-planning with new energy.  Thank you so much!”

Dana, pharma physician

Thank you for an attractive and useful programme. This has come to me in a time of major change;  I am taking it slowly as I enjoy savouring the moment while I get things done one step at a time”.

Mariana, University Professor

“Your course has helped me realise that my image really does matter and your course has kicked me into changing the way I think about it.  This has come at the right time for me: a real ’thank you”.

Elena, Senior Director

“Daniela is a wonderful role model – her elegance and creativity come across in her guidance and her belief that every woman can comfortably build her own style”.

Filipa, movement artist